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A few of the undergraduates who have been studying remotely since March talk about the transition and what it’s meant for them as students and members of the University community.

May 1, 名门棋牌

Science & Technology

名门棋牌Two vials sit next to each other on lab table.

Remdesivir results ‘promising’ in Medical Center clinical trial

The Medical Center’s Ann Falsey and Angela Branche, both with the Vaccine and Treatment and Evaluation Unit, are leading an NIH-sponsored clinical trial of remdesivir in the treatment of COVID-19.

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April 30, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌glow over earth's horizon

Research provides new insights into the evolution of stars

The High-Energy-Density Physics Theory Group at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics studied how matter under high-pressure conditions might emit or absorb radiation.

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April 24, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌image of nanoparticle filter

Rochester researchers pursue quick ways to detect COVID-19—and better understand it

Nanomembranes, optical sensors, and blood analysis: Rochester faculty are turning previous research avenues to focus on ways to quickly detect novel coronavirus to speed treatment.

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April 21, 名门棋牌

Society & Culture


Teaching a large lab class—virtually

Biology professors Dragony Fu and Alexis Stein have creatively adapted a 250-plus-student class—with a lab—to a virtual environment.

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May 1, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌photograph of president Sarah Mangelsdorf

President Sarah Mangelsdorf elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

President Sarah Mangelsdorf has been elected to one of the nation’s most highly regarded academic organizations, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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April 28, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌A detail from the Federal Reserve building in Washington, with the name Federal Reserve etched in stone.

Narayana Kocherlakota to Fed: Stop banks from paying dividends

In advance of this week’s Fed meeting, Kocherlakota calls on the Fed to prohibit banks from paying dividends to shareholders. “Banks should be keeping as much capital as they can,” he says.

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April 27, 名门棋牌

The Arts

名门棋牌feather-like display of crystals under a microscope.

This year’s Art of Science competition a welcome respite from COVID-19

A student’s dazzling image of recrystallized urea, viewed under a microscope and shot with an i名门棋牌Phone, takes the top prize in the annual Art of Science competition.

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May 7, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌four actors sitting on chairs on stage listening to a director.

A lottery picks the cast each night in production of Everybody

This spring, the University of Rochester’s International Theatre Program dives into the work of Everybody, and it is certainly not your typical theatrical production, with student actors playing a different role each night.

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February 24, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌dance class with one dancer doing a demonstration in the center of a studio.

Love of the dance floor: 10 years of inspireDANCE

The inspireDANCE Festival—a signature event from the University’s Program of Dance and Movement—features nine days of more than 30 master classes, workshops, and performances on the River Campus.

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February 13, 名门棋牌

In Photos

名门棋牌nurse holds a balloon as cars drive past the UHS building.

Special goodbye for a special UHS nurse

May 4, 名门棋牌

University Health Service staff members organized a “Drive-by Good-bye” for Liz Feuerstein, a UHS staff nurse who retired from the University after almost 32 years of service on Friday, May 1. Several former University staff and retirees came back to campus for the socially-distanced retirement event, including nurse coworkers from over years. The Department of Public Safety led the parade. 

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Student Life

名门棋牌Student at desk on laptop gazes at camera.

Students on campus find joy in the little things

Not every student can go 名门棋牌. More than 700 Rochester undergraduates have been living on the River Campus, in single rooms, since the University closed residence halls for most of the undergraduate population, in late March.

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May 6, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌Logos of David Projects and DAAD Rise juxtaposed.

A bittersweet spring for Rochester’s Davis Projects, DAAD RISE winners

It’s a bittersweet spring for the University’s 名门棋牌 Davis Projects for Peace and DAAD RISE winners. Fifteen students were selected for the summer programs, which have been canceled.

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May 5, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌Headshot of Ethan Fahnestock, in polo shirt, smiling.

Ethan Fahnestock ’21 receives Goldwater Scholarship

The national scholarship, which helps cover tuition, room, board, and fees, was authorized by Congress to ensure a continuing source of highly qualified STEM professionals pursuing careers in research.

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April 29, 名门棋牌

Voices & Opinion

名门棋牌Aerial shot of a single car on a freeway.

Cleaner air a ‘short-term’ silver lining of COVID-19

Environmental scientist Lee Murray tells City Newspaper that the area’s nitrogen dioxide concentrations in March were 30 percent lower than in March 2019. But the benefit won’t last, he says.

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April 29, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌Faded American flag on medical mask.

Will COVID-19 finally spur a revamp of US health care?

The coronavirus pandemic “has exposed the limits of such an individualistic approach” to health care, writes University health policy historian Mical Raz in the Washington Post.

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April 1, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌electrical power lines against the backdrop of a hazy sky.

COVID-19 pandemic a ‘fire drill’ for climate change

Like infectious disease researchers, climate change scientists have warned for decades that we are unprepared. Rochester astrophysicist Adam Frank says, “It’s time to wake up.”

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March 30, 名门棋牌

University News

名门棋牌Bolonek family pictured on their farm in Mumford, New York.

Local dairy farmers to provide free milk on River Campus Monday, May 11

The drive-thru event is the result of a collaboration between the University, the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County, Dairy Farmers of America, and local farmers.

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May 7, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌flagpole with the inscription MELIORA

Responding to coronavirus: Town hall with University leadership set for Thursday

In a special live Zoom event, students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and families from around the world can join in to hear about the many ways the University has addressed the COVID-19 pandemic.

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May 5, 名门棋牌
名门棋牌portrait of Adam Snyder.

Rochester scientist earns national recognition for research

Adam Snyder, assistant professor of brain and cognitive sciences and neuroscience, has received a Sloan Research Fellowship, awarded to young scientists considered to be future leaders in the scientific community.

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May 4, 名门棋牌